Now on the air!

Baron Mind is a brain in a jar in another dimension, employed as an anterior decorator for The Time Being. In this dimension, however, he is Brooke Wilton, now on the progressive music program Virual Noise on KOOP at 91.7 FM in the Austin area and worldwide, Sunday nights 5:30-7pm CST.

He has been a friend to KOOP since its inception, though he did not officially join until he was recruited in late 2018 to be a part of Virtual Noise. The Baron is a techie, visual artist, and musician who started Flameless Shirt, a clothing line of locally hand-made shirts, as his primary vocation. He founded The East Austin Handmade Arts Market in 2014 to help provide local artists like himself with an arena to bring their goods to the public, and regularly produces events that are a synergy of art and music in the Austin area. The Baron also formed Third Sat From The Sun to create Progressive music events around town. He founded and has produced Surf By Surf East, the largest annual gathering of Surf Rock bands in the US for six years running, and has also organized large and small events for KOOP and Voyager Fest. To this day, he remains at large.

Before this, he founded and programmed a weekly internet radio show Radio Musaic on Radio ProgRock! It was comprised of 80 minute sets of uninterrupted music. Why the 80-minute format? This grew from the fact that Brooke had been making mix tapes, then CDs for most of his life. For the last 20 years or so, it had been in CD format, using technology that let him cross-fade the music selections (which he did minimally so as to respect the original content). Limitations are good for art, when used correctly, and the ~80 minute format of what can fit on a CD had served him well over the years. He made a point of stitching together the most eclectic of music in a way that flowed smoothly though all the selections, and so this was what he brought to internet radio.

Once the track sequencing had been selected, solely based on the best listening flow, each set was named by reading the track titles together and choosing the best nugget. Punctuation was occasionally adjusted for best effect, but no titles were forced by conscious maneuvering of the track sequence. Each playlist is catalogued below.

After nine months of producing three hours of non-stop music per week for Radio ProgRock, the owner decided to close the station down, but Baron Mind had already been recruited to join Virtual Noise. For a while he was doing both shows while apprenticing. Now has been certified as a programmer and can exclusively be found on KOOP.

Show 1(aired 2-1-2018)
Show 2(aired 2-8-2018)
Show 3(aired 2-15-2018)
Show 4(aired 2-22-2018)
Show 5(aired 3-01-2018)
Show 6(aired 3-08-2018)
Show 7(aired 3-15-2018)
Show 8(aired 3-23-2018)

Show 9(aired 3-30-2018)
Show 10(aired 4-5-2018)
Show 11(aired 4-12-2018)
Show 12(aired 4-19-2018)
Show 13(aired 5-10-2018
Show 14(aired 5-24-2018)
Show 15(aired 6-21-2018)
Show 16(aired 6-28-2018)
Show 17(aired 7-5-2018)
Show 18(aired 7-12-2018)
Show 19(aired 7-26-2018)
Show 20(aired 8-2-2018)
Show 21(aired 8-9-2018)
Show 22(aired 8-16-2018)
Show 23(aired 8-23-2018)
Show 24(aired 8-30-2018)
Show 25
(aired 9-6-2018
Show 26(aired 9-13-2018)
Show 27(aired 10-11-2018)
Show 28(aired 10-18-2018)
Show 29(aired 10-25-2018)
Show 30(aired 11-08-2018)